Welcome to my little corner of the web; I'm Dianne Sylvan, your host here at Dancing Down the Moon.

I'm a twentysomething writer and native Texan, currently living in Austin with my psycho cat Cosmo. I am the author of The Circle Within: Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition, published by Llewellyn in September of 2003, and The Body Sacred, which went into print October 2005. To read more about my books including possible future releases, click here.

I am currently developing my own Wiccan tradition, which I plan to start teaching soon. For a list of classes and workshops that I am available to teach or lead, click here.

This is the fourth incarnation of DDtM; the more I learn, the more I grow, the more I want to share. That goes for HTML as much as religion.

Anyone who is interested in the minutiae of living as a Witch in Austin is welcome to surf over to my blog, which I can guarantee is at least periodically entertaining. Give a girl a little bandwith and she runs amok...amok amok amok!

In general, my writing is aimed at those who have already practiced Wicca for a while. The articles here, however, are those I feel newcomers to the path might find useful.

It is in these articles you'll get a good understanding of my approach to Wicca, which may be a little different from what you've seen elsewhere. I view my religion as a living, growing thing, and I am constantly learning and evolving. My path breathes, it dances, it laughs at itself, and expects its Priestess to do the same.

I do not claim an unbroken heritage back to the "Burning Times" or some sort of lineage that connects me to Gerald Gardner, Joan of Arc, or any Ancient Atlantean Magi. My tradition is a colorful blend of influences and is basically my own creation. If you want to know more about those influences have a look at the About Me page.

If there is a subject you would like to see explored in this section, particularly one that hasn't been done to death on every website, send your suggestions. I promise not to laugh. Much.

You've reached the home site of Wiccan author Dianne Sylvan. Feel free to wander around the menu at left, and be sure to sign up for my newsletter down below.

Whats New?

April 11, 2006 - I've redone the individual section menus so that I can add new essays and get rid of some links that will never be functional. The article links that don't go anywhere are in progress; they'll be up in short order.

And yes, there is a new book in the works--or, rather, in development. To keep abreast of its progress you might want to hang around my blog.